Technologies Used in Residential Roofing in El Paso

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, the term roofing technologies refers to, “the practical application of certain sciences in order to provide members of the roofing community with materials, design, application, and maintenance practices that are needed or desired either for economic or performance reasons.” These began to take shape at the beginning of the twentieth century when demands for more efficient and comfortable buildings, along with better standards and application took shape.

Updated Residential Roofing in El Paso

If you are in the market for residential roofing in El Paso, then you need to know what some of the latest innovations are that you can choose from. First and foremost is cool roofing. This is a reflective coating that enables your roof to reflect back the warmth and heat from the sun. It goes back into the environment and none of it is retained. Moreover, cool roofing also enhances roof durability while reducing building cooling loads and the urban heat island effect. While they had been either been white or of some other lighter shade, due to recent changes, cool roof materials in dark, rich hues are also available.

Another advancement in residential roofing in El Paso that you should look into is that of fireproof coatings. There are several options available to protect the roof from the fire and while roofs made of tile, slate or metal stand a good chance of avoiding fire damages, they tend to escalate the intensity of a house fire. In addition, you can also ask your contractor about insulation technology. It has evolved to include both woven fiberglass and polymeric materials because they offer insulation for all types of homes and ensure enhanced protection. Therefore, in order for a roof to perform well over the years, insulation has become an integral part of the roof assembly and enables you to maintain a consistent energy cost.

Other Advancements in Residential Roofing in El Paso

Not only have some of the materials and applications changed over the years, like every other business, so too has the methods of doing business. That means that you are more likely to be able to communicate with your residential roofing in El Paso contractor via both email and text, he or she will also be able to assist you through video conferencing and through the use of a drone. Many roofers are at least looking into the possibility of aerial imaging and monitoring through the use of this very new device as well as using it for various other jobs, as well.

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