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The purpose of a roof is to protect you from weather conditions outside. Here in El Paso, TX, we see high winds and hail. If your home or business has endured damage from a storm, contact Noah’s Roofing & Construction! We are experienced contractors that offer roof repair services and assistance with insurance claims.

We recommend scheduled roof inspections annually and after severe wind and hail storms. It’s always good to keep track of your roof’s condition, so you know when to call in a professional. Reach out today to learn more!

When Should I Call a Roof Repair Contractor?

Look Out for Common Warning Signs

Here are six signs that you should reach out to a professional for repairs:

  1. Interior water damage
  2. Your roof is at the end of its life
  3. Deformed shingles
  4. Sagging
  5. Shingle granules in your gutters
  6. Mold
  7. Missing shingles
  8. After severe wind and hail storms

If left alone, these issues can quickly escalate to a costly replacement project. So, if you have found problems with your roof, reach out to our repair company as soon as possible! We will act fast to fix the issue before it gets worse.

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Have you been noticing issues with your roofing system lately? Give our team a quick call today, and we will take a look, free of charge. Our inspection will determine the severity of the damage and allow us to find the best solution. Call now!

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