How Does the Winter Weather Affect My Roof?

While we’ve come to know El Paso as the Sun City, it doesn’t stop our winters from being rather cold at times. So how exactly does this affect our roofs? Well, in more ways than one. Your roof is affected by the weather quite a bit. Here’s how your roof reacts to the cold weather and what you can do to better protect it.

What Happens During Fickle Weather?

As you know, El Paso’s weather is incredibly fickle. One minute it’s 85 outside and the next day, traffic is halted on I-10 because of snow flurries and hail. You never know what might happen when it comes to the weather here—and you can be sure your roof feels it. Your roof expands in the heat and contracts in the cold. This is known as thermal shock. Thermal shock is nearly unavoidable with roofs, though there are a few things that can prevent your roof from feeling a lot of shock, such as using certain kinds of shingles that reduce the impact. As a whole, it’s unavoidable and while there isn’t any immediate damage, over time it can cause your roof to wear down and become weaker.

And During the Cold?

As we dive steadfast into the heart of El Paso’s winter, our roofs are feeling the brunt of it. El Paso is a windy city and we get windstorms pretty much year round, but they can be especially harsh during the winter. Wind can damage your roof by tearing off shingles, stripping flashing, and wearing down other parts of the roof.

Your roof can also be damaged by any snow, ice, or rain we get. These can cause leaks, damage, loss of shingles, and even your roof to cave in. Repeated snow or ice can wear down your roof and may even cause long-term damage.

What Can I Do To Protect My Roof?

The best thing you can do to protect your roof is to have routine maintenance and repairs done on it regularly. While weather can cause damage and issues, the worst thing you could do to your roof is to not get routine maintenance done on it. After big storms, have qualified roofers in El Paso check out your roof to inspect it for any unseen damage. You may not always be able to tell if your roof was damaged from tippy-toeing in your front yard and we don’t recommend climbing to your roof on your own to check it out. Your best bet is hiring professional roofers in El Paso to do the job for you.

Roofers in El Paso

Noah’s Roofing and Construction in El Paso can help you maintain your roof all winter long. So whether we get a week of snow or a week of sunshine, your roof is protected by us. Call us today!

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